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Bitcoin Core course

What You’ll Learn

This course focusses on the mechanics of Bitcoin Core development and code review, but not much on the details of the software itself.

You will learn how to make a useful pull request and how to (re)organize your commits for ease of review. Working on Bitcoin Core requires tremendous patience, while other developers break things from under you. This is known as rebase hell, and I’ll teach you how to (maybe) survive that.

You’ll also learn how to review someone else’s pull request and give useful feedback. We use actual examples of changes,  so you’ll encounter real code and learn what it does.

About me

I’m a software developer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I’ve been working in the Bitcoin industry since 2014 and became a Bitcoin Core contributor in 2017, giving me a front row seat to all the latest and most exciting technical developments. I’m a co-host on the Bitcoin Magazine podcast Bitcoin, Explained and wrote a book titled Bitcoin: A Work in Progress.


Future dates

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